Young Businesswomen

You need to retain and to promote quality talent

So you need a culture and pool that allows diverse talent to thrive

"When employees feel like they belong, they are 167% more likely to recommend their organization as a great place to work" - Harvard Business Review

What Does Harmonee Do
What Can We Achieve Together
Why Harmonee

The Case for Belonging


Lower Turnover Risk


Higher Employee Performance


Less Sick Days Taken


Return for Every Dollar Spent on Mental Wellness


We partner with your team to determine what matters the most to your organization.


We pilot our proprietary coaching backed programming with your diverse employees and mangers. We can re-pilot as many times as necessary to ensure that your organization is gaining the insights you desire.


We provide proprietary, data driven feedback on how your employees and mangers are building an inclusive culture


We continue to partner with your team to deploy at scale our platform and provide on-demand feedback to help your teams quickly react and interact with your diverse employees.

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